Fashion Revolution 2018

Ven el martes 24 a las 18.30 a @Bau_bcn a ver el documental “The Next Black” y a debatir en la mesa redonda sobre “Ethical is the new black”. Entrada libre y gratuita. Quinto aniversario de FashionRevolution @Fash_Rev

Vine el dimarts 24 a les 18.30 a @Bau_bcn a veure el documental “The Next Black” i a debatre en la taula rodona sobre “Ethical is the new black”. Entrada lliure i gratuïta. Cinquè aniversari de FashionRevolution @Fash_Rev

Come to @Bau_bcn on Tue 24th at 6.30 pm to watch “The Next Black” documentary and to debate in the round table that proposes “Ethical is the new black”. Free entrance.


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