The aim of BEFF is to present the innovative creations of brands and designers in the areas of ecology, labour ethics, healthy raw materials, the common good, experimentation and new understanding of crafts. And with high doses of design and style.

A piece of clothing is ethical and sustainable when during its production:

  • Workers were treated respectfully
  • The environmental impact was taken into consideration

  • Sustainable raw materials and recycled ones were used
  • Production processes were as much sustainable as possible

BEFF is created by “Associació de Moda Sostenible de Barcelona” -MSBCN- (Barcelona Sustainable Fashion Association). It was founded in December 2013 in Barcelona in order to promote sustainable fashion. Designers, suppliers, clothing workshops, distributors, shops, journalists and citizens belong to the association. All year long, several activities and events are organised by Associació de Moda Sostenible de Barcelona with the goal of showing the advantages of sustainable fashion as well as fostering and stimulating its creation, production, sales and usage.

We want to revolutionise the fashion industry and we would love to do it with you. If you also think that another fashion is possible, join the revolution!

If you would like to learn more please visit our web.


Thank you very much to the organisations and people that participated in the planning, management, implementation and dissemination of BEFF.